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Government Of Assam Biswanath District

Animal Husbandry & Veterinary - Success Story

SPECIAL ACHIEVEMENT (Borgang Bio Farm: An unusual success story):

        When one Mr. Ratneswar Das of Borgang decided to voluntarily retire from his lucrative position as an assistant manager of Assam Tea Corporation in 2004, he faced an uphill challenge, he had to re-cast himself as a rural entrepreneur in an area where the scope of innovative business seemed limited. Choosing the only option that seemed to have a reasonable chance of success Mr. Das cultivated a small tea garden after investing his retirement benefits. This worked reasonably well for a decade but rising costs of pesticides, which adversely affect the health of both the garden laborers and the general tea drinking public, and plateauing production meant Mr. Das started searching for other business ventures to complement his tea garden. Borgang Bio Farm is the brainchild of this thought. This multi-purpose co-operative was launched in September 2016 with Mr. Das as President and Mr. Mohan Sharma, also of Borgang as secretary. This farm produces about 43800 liters of milk annually and is the main supplier to two renowned sweetmeat shops of the area. The farm works in close collaboration with the Veterinary Officer,  Behali.

                                                                                  Mr. Ratneswar Das Dairy Farm

Alongside this core business, the farm also produces organic fertilizer from cow dung and urine. Using this fertilizer, Mr. Das has been able to drastically reduce the production costs of his tea garden while increasing yield. 

The veterinary community of Biswanath, as well as the local public,  appreciates the efforts of Borgang Bio Farm to create a farm based on solid sustainable development goals.