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Government Of Assam Biswanath District

Economics and Statistics- Activities

The main activities of the District and Sub Divisional Offices are Collection of Data in various subjects, in formats supplied by the Directorate of Economics & Statistics and then forwarded the collected data in filled in formats to the Directorate of Economics & Statistics, for compilation and publication etc.

           The activities of the District and Sub Divisional Offices of the Directorate of Economics & Statistics may be broadly classified as follows:-


1.Agriculture Statistics

The District and Sub Divisional Offices of the Directorate are to collect data on Agriculture Statistics under the schemes – Improvement of Crop Statistics (ICS), Crop Estimation Survey(CES), Land Utilization Statistics(LUS), Crop Forecast, Timely Reporting Scheme(TRS),Sample Check on Area Enumeration, Sample Survey on Areca nut, Coconut, Fruits and Vegetables(ACFV).

2.Agriculture Census

Agriculture Census is a large scale Statistical operation under Central Sector Schemes where detail information of the Land Holding is collected by taking the Agriculture holding as the basic un it of operation . The scheme is conducted quinquennially in the country for collection of data on structure of operational ‘holdings’ and its related characteristics by different size classes, Social Groups and Gender, Land Utilization, Irrigation Pother and Cropping Pother etc. with the help of Revenue officials of the Revenue Circle. The Census is followed by Input Survey which provided key information about the structure of the Agriculture Sector of the Country. The 10th Agriculture census with reference year 2015-16 is under progress.

3.Socio Economics Survey

National Sample Survey office (NSS) was set up by the Govt. of India in 1950 to collect Socio Economic Data implying scientific Sampling methods. NSSO used to conduct country wide survey in the form of round to collect information on various Socio Economic aspects of the people for various schemes and formulation. Directorate of Economics & Statistics, Assam , through the District and Sub Division Offices, has been participating in their national venture in equal matching sample basis since 14th round of NSS, 1958-59. The current round, i.e., 76th round of NSS is already started in from July,2018 and will be ended on December, 2018 on “Drinking Water, Sanitation, Hygiene and Housing condition” and ‘Person with Disabilities’.

4.Price Statistics

District and Sub Divisional Offices of the Directorate of Economics and Statistics are collected on various prices and price Data are basically used by the Directorate in computation of prices indices and preparation of monthly, quarterly and annual price statements for reviewing the prices movement of the State. Some of the important price statistics are – Farm Harvest Price, Whole Sale Price, Urban Retail Price , Rural Retail Price, Monthly Retail Price of essential Agricultural Commodities Grown and Sold in Rural areas & Agriculture Labor Wages, Consumer Price Index Number, Quarterly Price of Building Materials and wages of Building Construction Workers and Building Cost Index

5.Annual Employment – Unemployment Survey

Labor Bureau, Government of India has been entrusted the test of conducting Annual Employment –Unemployment Surveys in India in order to assess the trend of the employment unemployment scenario. These surveys give important information on the various Labor force related parameters Directorate of Economics & Statistics, Assam has been conducting this survey since 2011, through District and Sub Divisional Offices.

6.Block Level Statistics

The process of data collection and maintenance of Block level statistics was initiated in Assam in the year 1952 with the creation of Panchayat and Community Development Department. Accordingly, an Administrative Intelligence Unit was set up in the Directorate during the year 1957 with the aim to keep records of infrastructural development of different sectors of the Block and functioning in co-ordination with the Directorate of Panchayat and Rural Development Department, Assam. At the initial period, information of a very few need based statistical indicators pertaining to implementation and achievements of various development programs were collected to meet immediate data needs of rural development planning. From 1990, DES Assam is collecting data for Block level statistics independently and continuously.

7.Census of Employees of Assam Govt.

DES, Assam has been conducting the Census of State Govt. Employees periodically since 1953, with a view to collect various information pertaining to the employees of the Government of Assam. DES Assam is also conducting a census of other Establishment of the state together with state Government employees since 1989. Various recent surveys conducted are in 2004 and 2009, for which the reports are published and for the 2014 survey the data collection work is going on.

8.Ad – Hoc Survey

Movement of Workforce from one Activity to another Activity in the Rural Areas of Assam, 2008-2009 to 2012-2013 The objective of the survey is to depict a picture of the movement of the workforce from one activity to the other activity with a special emphasis of the movement of workforce from Agriculture sector. The study wants to explore the fact how the movement of workforce from Agriculture to other activities has changed the Sector wise composition of the GSDP of the State during the last five years. Attempt also made to study the change of location of the rural workforce in Assam during this period. A total of 438 villages are selected for the survey i.e. 2 villages from each block in the State. Household from the villages will be the ultimate stage of units and 12 households are randomly selected from each selected villages. For the survey during 2012-13 the primary work is completed and a report related to it also published.