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Government Of Assam Biswanath District

Public Health Engineering Profile

Among all the departments under Assam State Government, Public Health Engineering Department is one of the foremost department working in the development sector. Biswanath Chariali Division is also a part of it . This division is committed to construction of Individual House Hold toilet and distribution of drinking water under PWSS in the entire   Biswanath rural area. Along with the service delivery, Public Health Engineering Department is also dedicated to creating awareness on use of toilet, Hand washing in crucial times, safe drinking water, Menstruation hygiene, environmental cleanliness and the harms of plastic

            There are 2 (two) Sub-divisions under Biswanath Chariali Division. They are –1.Biswanath Chariali Sub-division 2.Gohpur Sub-division. Under Biswanath Chariali Sub-division there are 5 (five) Sections including the Store Section. Like this 7 (Seven) Sections including the Store Section under Gohpur Sub-Division. Under Biswanath Chariali Division there are 173 permanent officers & employees and 23 contractual staff working in different capacities.