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Government Of Assam Biswanath District

PWSS (Pipe Water Supply Schemes)

Pipe Water Supply Schemes

There are total 210 Pipe Water Supply Schemes under Biswanath Chariali Division. Out of this 188 are fully completed and 22 PWSS are in ongoing stage as per construction. Moreover, permission of construct two Mini PWSS schemes has been granted, they are ---1/ Helem TE MPWSS & 2/ Borajuli TE MPWSS.  Along with these Administrative approval has been granted for 1 (One) PWSS = Kambong. Apart from these, under Signature Project “SSA"  1 (One) Solar Powered Pump with concrete wall  has been constructed  in one L.P. School and already  handed  over to the SSA  authority

            Under Biswanath Chariali Division, there are 2 (Two) Laboratories. In the District, in which there is a facility is test Public and Private water quality.