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Government Of Assam Biswanath District

Functions and Objectives


  1. Advising Government of Assam on the overall development of Silk industry, prepare and furnish such other reports relating to the silk industry as may be required by the Government of Assam from time to time.
  2. Development of Sericulture for sustainable growth and generation of gainful employment.
  3. To improve the quality and quantity of production through induction of modern technology in Sericulture.
  4. Produce and supply seedling/saplings of silkworm food plants, silkworm seed cocoon and certified seeds for commercial rearing.
  5. Providing leaves from Collective Mulberry Garden and Eri Concentration Centre to the mulberry and Eri rearers and Som / Soalu food plants for conducting Muga rearing at Muga Village Grazing Reserve.
  6. Providing equipment, inputs, etc. to the private farmers, rearers, Reelers, Spinners, weavers.
  7. Create linkage for marketing to export the silk products.
  8. To make efforts to enhance income levels of rearers, reelers, spinners, weavers and other stakeholders for a better quality of life.
  9. Provide skill up-gradation training to farmers as well as officials.
  10. The collection of statistical data from fields for assessment of production and report generation for enhancement of production.
  11. Provide the technical guidance to the farmers, Rearers, Reelers, Silk weavers, and also help to prepare projects.
  12. Assisting the Central Silk Board in development planning for jointly funded schemes.
  13. Assisting and implementing the technology developed by the Central Silk Board to the farmers.




Attaining Global leadership in Vanya Silk mainly Eri and Muga.


  1. To promote Eri and Muga Silk as an important brand.
  2. To transform the rural economy of District Biswanath by facilitating the emergence of a vibrant Silk Industry through the application of Technology, Motivation, and Demonstration.