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Government Of Assam Biswanath District


Weaving in handloom is an important cottage industry in Assam. The Handloom sector is the second largest employer in India after Agriculture, providing employment to about 65 lacs persons. Out of these about 25 lacs weavers are in Assam itself. The handloom sector represents the continuity of the age-old Indian heritage of hand weaving and reflects the socio-economic & cultural tradition of the weaving communities. Weaving in handloom has been a common household activity and an important cottage industry since time immemorial. Assamese women from the commoners to the Royal Houses and irrespective of caste, creed, community, status and pursuit had woven all their required garments and other household apparels by themselves.We can find the uses of Silk yarn and dyeing process by assamese people in the Kalika Puran, a holy books written in 10th century.

Handloom and Textiles Department in Biswanath District :- 

             The office of the Superintendent,Handloom and Textiles,Biswanath chariali is the implementing agency of Biswanath District.It has 3 nos Handloom Training Centres , 3 nos.Weavers Extension Service Units and 34 nos registered Primary weaving Co-operative Societies (PWCS). Further,It has been successfully implementing various development schemes of weavers in the district.

Statistical Data :-

  • Head of District officer :-Dharmeswar Das,Superintendent,Handloom & Textiles,Biswanath Chariali.
  • Contact No: 9954831860   E-mail : dharmeswardas22@gmail.com
  • Comprising of 32 staff including 20 nos technical and 12 nos non-technical employees.
  • It has about 50,208 nos weavers with allied workers.
  • 3 nos Weavers Extension Service Units.
  • 3 nos Handloom Training Centres.
  • 34 nos registered Primary weaving Co-operative Societies.