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Government Of Assam Biswanath District

Water Resources Department-Flood and erosion scenario


Flood and erosion scenario in the Sonitpur & Biswanath District:

        The River Brahmaputra, one of the Largest rivers of the world and its tributaries namely    Gabharu, Belsiri, Depota, Jiabharali, Ghiladhari, Buroi, Brahmajan, Solengi, Chatrang, Sessa etc are flowing through the Sonitpur & Biswanath District of Assam. Flood and erosion are the major problem caused by these rivers in the Districts.

       The tributaries of River Brahmaputra ,flowing through the Sonitpur & Biswanath District,  have originated from  Arunachal Pradesh, Due to heavy rainfall occurred in the upper reaches and   excess and sudden  water released from dams constructed in  Arunachal Pradesh,  these tributaries  carry a large amount of sediment load , floating debris along with flood water . These sediment loads are deposited on the river bed and changes the morphology of the river and accordingly causes severe problem of flood and erosion at the downstream areas. 

         The breaches are occurred in the embankment due to overtopping of the flood water and the bank erosion.  These beaches result in inundation of a huge area of Sonitpur, Biswanath and its nearby districts. As a result loss of human life, domestic as well as wild animal, damage to the public and private property, crops   have occurred.

     Besides flood inundation the river Brahmaputra is also causing severe erosion at Rajgarh, Berajan & Khaloibeel area of river Jiabharali. Erosion is also observed at Jarani & Burhachapari area in Sonitpaur District and at Bortilla area in Biswanath District.