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Government Of Assam Biswanath District

Places of Tourist Interest in Biswanath Town

Biswanath Temple


Biswanath temple popularly known as "Gupta Kashi is located at the confluence of Bridhaganga (Burigonga) river with Brahmaputra. The ghat has a cluster of temples of different gods. From the stone posts, beams and other ruins found there it is believed that once there was a stone temple. During the summer the temple remains under water. Only in winter worship is done by constructing temporary shed which draws lot of tourists. On the third day of the Assamese Bohag Bihu festival, a mela is held there. One can visit from here the island of Umatumuni, an archaeologically famous place.

For people visiting other archaeological sites of Biswanath and Gohpur area, Biswanath Chariali town provides the base. It is around 10 km away from Biswanath town. Tourist Taxis are available here. Accommodation, either in Govt. Circuit House, Tourist Lodge or in Hotels is also available. A tourist lodge at Biswanath Ghat is under construction.

Shiva Doul, Biswanath Ghat, Biswanath


Biswanath Temple, Biswanath Ghat, Biswanath


Chandi Mandir, Biswanath Ghat, Biswanath


Biswanath ghat river scene, Biswanath Ghat, Biswanath